Hi! I’m Jonathan Tolan and I am a full time classroom based teacher as well as a private Maths tutor.

I have started this blog as an attempt to pass on some of the techniques I have learned to be effective in teaching A level maths to students. I hope that eventually this site could be a place for people to go if they feel unsure about the correct procedure for solving a variety of problems.

There is not just one correct way to approach most exercises in Maths (that’s one of the things that makes it so great!) and having another person explain a topic in a slightly different way can make a huge difference to your confidence – this is something I have learned from tutoring.

The topics I choose to write about will be relatively random unless YOU ask me to write about something specific. I hope to write articles on some of the topics I see students struggle with time and time again as they do not feel comfortable with the technique they have been shown but don’t know any alternative (I will also try to write about alternatives to techniques that I personally do not think are up to the job – my personal preference is always where possible to BEGIN with understanding the underlying mathematics and using a technique that supports that understanding, rather than blindly learning a ‘black box’ method that works but is not memorable due to it being totally abstracted from the actual problem.

If you want to see how I would solve any particular problem get in touch with me here or on my website http://www.mathstutoringleeds.co.uk




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